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Vertical mesh is bigger and crossway wires be adhered. So lig. or gases shall be go through gaps of crossway portion. This the most suitable for dehydration/filtration of high pressure etc.
Mesh Wire dia Microns(㎛)
mm inch
12/64 0.58/0.42 0.023/0.0165 325
14/88 0.50/0.35 0.020/0.0140 305
24/110 0.35/0.25 0.014/0.0100 125
30/250 0.23/0.18 0.009/0.0071 100
50/250 0.14/0.114 0.0055/0.0045 65


The no. of mesh within a lineal distance of 25.4mm(1") in a unit indicates the dimension of Mesh(Some times using magnifying glass.)


Indicates the thick of wire itself by the No. in the wire gauge list Normally applies B.W.G when the wire is thick, S.W.G when the wire is thin.


Distance between lines and lines which forms the net
Distance(mm) = 25.4(mm) / Mesh - Gauage(mm)


Give the percentage of open area in a standard wire mesh.
Open Ratio(%) = ( Opening(mm) )2 X 100
Opening(mm) + Wire dia(mm)