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Installed between flange faces for sealing and select materials depend on operation condition.
Especially manufactured by CNC and special equipments, its dimensions are exact.
Normally applied to DOPE filtration process at synthetic fiber plant made by Al, Cu and Stainless Steel. Designed specially for housing and connection configration. For more effective sealing, same and over opening area of media opening ratio, more precision engineering is required.
A sort of gasket. The cutting face is special that more tighten, higher sealing.
Precision surface required and absolutly applied to high pressure sealing point.
Applied to high pressure, high temp. and precision process for sealing by using Stainless steel, Al, Cu, Bs, PTFE and PE which is depend on the operation condition.
The sizing and dimensions are equally each other by using full automation equipment(facilities).
Soft or hard Al is used according to operation condition. Keeping the surface precision and prevent ellipticity during manufacturing because of high pressure sealing.